Justin Norden returns for the 2016 Season

Justin Norden - Player Bio

Justin Norden #3
Height: 6'2"
College: Carleton
Years Amateur: 9
Years Pro: 1
Position: Handler

Justin is a Stanford Medical student who is entering his second year at Stanford and with the Spiders. Justin played for Carleton College and won the D1 National Championships in 2011 during a period when the team played in four straight national semi-finals. In 2013, Ultiworld chose him as one of the top 7 players at the D1 College Championships, and later he captained the USA U-23 Mixed Team.

2015 was Justin's rookie year in the AUDL and he helped the Spiders to a Championship as an offensive handler. He will continue with that role in 2016 playing alongside Chuck Cao and Kevin Smith. Justin is a creative thrower who has faced the pressure of championship games.

2015 Stats Games: 9
Points Played: 193
Goals: 5
Assists: 13
Blocks: 3
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